• YUAN Brightness Gift Set

YUAN Brightness Gift Set

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YUAN Brightness Gift Set 
Welcome and embrace the new year fortified with luck from plants in the form on soap, body/home mist and scented salts.

Brightness Soap 100g
Made from premium local oils and materials in an exclusive formula to strengthen nourishment and boost moisturizing. The result is a refreshing and pleasant scent after cleansing your body of the darkening substances to restore purity to your skin. Honey and sugarcane honey have good effect to repair and nourish your skin.

Brightness Mist 50ml
Use it as body or room mist, this citrus blend is great to refresh the mind and lift the mood. 

Brightness Scented Salt 160g
For bathing or place on desk in your room.
1.Promotes restful sleep
2.Improves skin health
*Not for consumersption



内含:光明香雾50mL +光皂100g +光明香氛盐160g
礼盒尺寸:17 * 23.5 * 6cm,附专属提袋