• Wild Mugwort Shampoo
  • Wild Mugwort Shampoo

Wild Mugwort Shampoo

Wild Mugwort Shampoo
Suitable For: All scalp type, Sensitive Scalp and Hair

Wild mugwort extract:
Vitamin A, B1, B2, C, for healthy hair, helps soothe inflammation and repair hair scalp.
Oenocarpus Bataua Fruit Oil: to soften and fortify the hair
Vitamin E: For healthy hair growth and shine
Honeysuckle, Dandelion, Chrysanthemum, Semiaquilegia root extract: Anti-inflammatory properties.
Lemongrass oil: Increase anti-bacterial efficacy
Patchouli oil: Form protective layer on the scalp.

1. Rinse through scalp and hair thoroughly to clear dirt and grimes. Avoid use of hot water as scalp might be over stimulated which leads to possible scalp redness and itchiness
2. Pour a sufficient amount of shampoo onto palms accordingly. Lather well with and slowly work into scalp from the front to the edge with a gentle massage (3-5 minutes), then rinse.
3. For better result, repeat step 2 and leave the shampoo on for 1-2 minutes to allow better absorption of nutrients.



  • 艾草萃取液:维他命A、B1、B2、C,抑制修护发炎,增加抵抗力
  • 巴套阿酒实棕果油:改善头皮油脂分泌
  • 维他命E:保湿
  • 金银花、蒲公英、紫花地丁、菊花、天葵子根(萃取液):消炎、镇静
  • 柠檬香茅精油:增加抗菌功效
  • 广藿香精油:形成防护膜