About Us

Our Love to the Land of Taiwan

Began in 2005, Yuan had made Taiwanese herbal handmade soaps with a simple faith of loving people, the entire nature and the oriental health thinking. Nowadays, Yuan refresh the idea of art of labor force and sustains the warmth of handmade industry to the present. While practicing herbal research and development, Yuan believes that herbs and lands are the best teaching resources of all. Ever since 2007, Yuan settled Yuan’s Farm in Yangmingshan National Park with the most basic strategy, natural farming, which Yuan believes that it comes better than organic ways. Yuan gathers ingredients from Yuan Farm and transforms these essences into Yuan’s product series. In 2008, Yuan established Yuan International Herb Research & Developemnt Center.

阿原工作室草创于2005年,以台湾青草药手作皂为起点,选用台湾原生青草药为主题,融合东方养生思维、爱惜人身与善待环境的理念,致力实践失落的劳动力美学,将有温度的工艺感动延续。在研发路上,以植物为师,遵依土地伦理,2007年落种生根,于阳明山国家公园内开辟阿原农场,使用自然农作耕法,超越有机植栽的心证,天生地养出一批又一批野生无毒的新鲜植物,提供阿原系列产品使用。 2008年成立阿原国际药草研究发展中心,将原料与研发结合,使用植物本身的菁萃,将植物能量发挥至最大极致,让产品达到真正纯粹天然。

Natural Power of Land

Natural Healing Power from Herbs in Taiwan

Began with a simple handmade soap to liquid products, and all the way to scalp shampoo, hand sanitizer, cleaning products, oral care, essential oils and tea series. Yuan completely brings the herbs into natural products to people’s daily lives. In honor of “Made in Taiwan, ” Yuan will continue sharing the goodness of Taiwan by promoting local handcrafts accessories along with Yuan’s series products.  


Treat This Loved Land by Heart

Yuan Farm in national park practices natural farming to remain the soil in the most natural condition, which nourishes herbs with plenty of active power. Through nature, the power of plant extraction flows into people’s mind, body and skin, eventually, presents you the real natural beauty for an appropriate skin age from inner self to physical looks.