• Alpinia Speciosa Conditioner

Alpinia Speciosa Conditioner

Alpinia Speciosa Conditioner - For dry, damaged hair

This no dimethicone formula comes with Alpinia and other plants extract to strengthen and protect the hair from further damage. Hydrolyzed wheat protein and honey extracts are added to ensure to repair leaving the hair soft, manageable and without tangles.

Directions: After rinsing off your shampoo, pump the amount of conditioner to suits the length of your hair, gently rub with both hands and apply to your hair and hair ends, leave on for 2-3 minutes and rinse off.

Volume: 250ml

月桃润发乳 - 复原润泽

  • 无矽灵配方
  • 月桃与多种调理发质的植物萃取能强化防护及柔软受损发质
  • 水解角蛋白及蜂蜜萃取物有效柔润修护发丝,使头发呈现自然健康的光泽,用后发丝滑顺不纠结。
  • 针对受损发质设计,使发丝柔顺不毛燥