• Lifting Cream

Lifting Cream

Lifting Cream

Enhance youthful skin elasticity with natural planting, exclusive extraction technology to obtain osmanthus and moon peach essence, rich in polyphenols and flavonoids, nourish skin, slow down the speed of natural aging, and improve the firming function.

To use :  After Toner or Serum, apply a proper amount to the entire face and gently massage until fully absorbed.

Volume : 30g / 1.1 fl.oz

紧致霜 - 极究护肤
以天然植萃提升年轻肌肤弹力,独家萃取技术取得桂花及月桃精华成分, 富含多酚和类黄酮,滋养美肤,减缓自然老化的速度,全面提升紧致机能。