• Tranquil mind Box 淨心禮盒

Tranquil mind Box 淨心禮盒

Purple Gromwell & Roselle Soap, Auspicious Soap and 
Momordica Shampoo 50ml

紫草洛神皂, 抹草皂, 苦瓜洗頭水-50ml

[ Purple Gromwell & Roselle Soap 100g ]
A popular soap among teenagers and working adults. This soap is a great detoxifier which helps to unearth impurities deep within the skin making it suitable for pimples prone skin/ for blackheads and whiteheads to put a glow to your dull skin.

[ Auspicious Soap 100g ]
Travellers favourite.
Artemisias, mugwort, and lemongrass are widely used to eliminate obstacles and beckon bliss. Among these ingredients, Artemisia has the most comprehensive positive energy. It is among the very few natural anti-bacterial plants which not only help purify the body and mind and your skin healthy.

[ Momordica Shampoo-50ml]
Suitable For: Normal Scalp and Hair

Yuan Momordica shampoo contains Momordica (Bittergourd) extract which is rich in Vitamin C and amino acids that produce fine foams to clear scalp’s dirt and grease. Other ingredients in this shampoo such as chrysanthemum and rosemary oil will help relax your mind and ensure your scalp staying healthy.